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Nicole Josy passed away

Today, the sad news came to us that Nicole Josy passed away. Nicole was the female half of the duo Nicole & Hugo.

In 1971 Nicole Josy and her husband Hugo Sigal would participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. With the song “Goeie morgen, morgen” they won the Belgian national final. Unfortunately, Nicole got jaundice and had to stay in bed. At the Eurovision Song Contest, the two were replaced by Jacques Raymond and Lily Castell, who had to rehearse the song and dance in haste.

A new chance came two years later. Again Nicole and Hugo won the national final. With the song “Baby, baby” they could participate this time. Unfortunately, the duo came last. Yet their performance was unforgettable. This was mainly due to the bright purple suits that the two wore.

In 2004 the duo again made a bid for Eurovision participation. However, they did not succeed with their song “Love is all around”. In 2015, the two decided to stop and enjoy a well-deserved retirement.

Nicole had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for some time. However, she did not die from that. She fell on her head at home. She died from the injuries she sustained. Nicole was 76 years old.


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