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What is it the artists want to tell us?

The last few hours before the first semifinal…. some of the artists are still posting messages for us on social media. We collected some of the messages for you:

The Roop (Lithuania): We have very good news for those who live in: Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Cyprus, Israel, Ireland, Italy, North Macedonia, Norway, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, The Netherlands, Ukraine. You will have an opportunity to support us TODAY Share the message.

Montaigne (Australia): international followers! if you love technicolour as much as I do, you can vote for me during the eurovision semi-final 1 live broadcast. details on how you can vote below. my number is 05.

Vasil (North Macedonia): One heart united in music. I invite you all to stand tall with me, send me your love, energy, and if I deserve it … your vote. * Thank you for you!

Lesley Roy (Ireland): Today is Semi Final One 9pm CET! Vote Song 7 #Eurovision I’m so happy it’s finally here.

Albina (Croatia): Wonder Woman don’t you ever forget, You’re divine.

Eden Alene (Israel) does not text anything but shares a video. We see her walking through Ahoy.

Go_A (Ukraine): Last night we had two performances at the dress rehearsal of Eurovision 2021 before the jury. Even technology could not withstand our crazy energy  But technical problems with the sound did not prevent us from performing with dignity. It will start at 22:00 on UA Pershiy @ and STB @stbua



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