Uku Suviste represents Estonia

It has been decided, after an exciting Eesti Laul, the audience chose Uku Suviste to represent Estonia with the self-composed song “What love is”, with lyrics by Sarah Vaughan. The full result of the contest is:

  1. Uku Suviste, “What love is”
  2. Jaagup Tusk, “Beautiful lie”
  3. Anett & Fredi, “Write about me”
  4. Egert Milder, “Georgia (on my mind)”
  5. Rasmus Rändvee, “Young”
  6. Shira, “Out in space”
  7. Traffic, “Üks kord veel”
  8. Stefan, “By my side”
  9. Inger, “Only dream”
  10. Synne Valtri & Väliharf, “Majakad”
  11. Uudo Sepp, “I’m sorry, I messed up”
  12. Laura, “Break me”



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