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Ukraine decides!

Tonight, Ukraine decides after two semifinals. The show starts at 18:00 CET and can be watched here. Sergey Prytula will be your host as six songs will go for the title. A jury, made up of Andriy Danylko, Tina Karol and Vitaliy Drozdov, will decide 50% of the results, where televoters decide the other 50%. The contestants are:

  • Krutь, “99”
  • Jerry Heil, “Vegan”
  • Go-A, “Solovey”
  • David Axelrod, “Horizon”
  • Khayat, “Call for love”
  • Tvorchi, “Bonfire”

Khayat took part last year but failed in the semifinal. Tonight he is one of the favorites to win the ticket to Rotterdam.


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