Sudden Lights wins Supernova 2023

Sudden Lights has won Supernova 2023. The band will represent Latvia at Liverpool with “Aijā”.

The song is sung in English and Latvian. It’s a mixture between a lullaby and a rock-drum song.

You can find the Supernova performance of “Aijā” right over here:

 these are the full Supernova results:

  1. Sudden Lights – Aijā
  2. Patrisha – Hush
  3. 24. Avenija – you said
  4. Markus Riva – Forever
  5. Avéi – Let Me Go
  6. Raum – Fake Love
  7. Toms Kalderauskis – When It All Falls
  8. Alise Haijima – Tricky
  9. Arturs Hatti – Love Vibes
  10. Luize – You To Hold Me

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