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Second semifinal in Lithuania

Tonight, at 20.00 CET, the Lithuanian semifinals will start. You can watch it here and here. Last year, The Roop was chosen to represent Lithuania. However, Lithuanian tv LRT did not want to give up their national final this year. The Roop has a wildcard for the final.

Tonight’s contestants are:

  • Unoband, “Eisiu”
  • Rapolas Meškauskas, “Degam”
  • Sunday Afternoon, “Open”
  • Aiste Brokenleg, “Home”
  • Cosmic Bride, “Solitary star”
  • Norbertas Norbe, “Man in need”
  • Gabriele Goštautaite, “Freedom”
  • Gebrasy, “Where’d you wanna go?”
  • Evita Cololo, “Be paslapciu”
  • Gabrielus Vagelis, “My guy”

Aiste Brokenleg also took part last year, but did not survive the first round. Same goes for Gebrasy, but one year earlier.

Gabrielus Vagelis was more succesful: in 2013 and 2020 he reached the semifinals; in 2017 he reached the final and became 5th. 


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