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Road to Rotterdam: The Netherlands

photo: Rinse Fokkema

Host country The Netherlands will be represented by Jeangu Macrooy this year. He would have participated last year and was immediately chosen by Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS to do the job in 2021. The song he will sing is called “Birth of a new age”. There is a special feature in this song: Jeangu brings a new language to the Eurovision Song Contest with Sranantongo, the language of Suriname. “Yu no man broko mi” means “You can’t break me”. It is half of a Surinamese proverb: “I am half a cent, so you cannot break me”.
In the clip you see, next to Jeangu Macrooy, someone who looks just like him. That is his twin brother Xillan Macrooy, who will most likely also assist him in the Eurovision Song Contest.


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