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R.I.P.: Fredi

The sad news came to us that last night Matti Siitonen, also known as Fredi, passed away. Fredi, who took his stage name from a cartoon figure, started his career in 1965, when he had his first hit. Fredi took part in the Eurovision Song Contest twice. In 1967 he sang “Varjoon-suojaan” to 12th place. In 1976 he was the lead singer of the group Fredi & Friends and sang “Pump pump” wich reached the eleventh place.
Fredi released a total eight albums almost all of which went gold or platinum. In 2010 he started a talk show, “Fredin Vieraana” (Fredi’s guests). This show was filled with both songs and interviews.
Fredi became 78 years old.

Fredi in 1967:

Fredi & Friends in 1976:

photo credits: Beeld & Geluid


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