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April 25, 2021

Road to Rotterdam: Moldova

Natalia Gordienko was already at the Eurovision stage in 2006, with Arsenium and Connect-R. “Loca” was not a big success. She tried her luck later in a talent show as a DJ. She also released 2 albums and several singles. Last year she won the Moldovan selection for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Prison”. This year she can take her second chance with the song “Sugar”. Both songs are written by the so-called Dream Team: Dimitris Kontopoulos, Philipp Kirkorov and lyricist Sharon Vaughan.

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R.I.P.: Fredi

The sad news came to us that last night Matti Siitonen, also known as Fredi, passed away. Fredi, who took his stage name from a cartoon figure, started his career in 1965, when he had his first hit. Fredi took part in the Eurovision Song Contest twice. In 1967 he sang “Varjoon-suojaan” to 12th place. In 1976 he was the lead singer of the group Fredi & Friends and sang “Pump pump” wich reached the eleventh place.Fredi released a total eight albums almost all of which went gold or platinum. In 2010 he started a talk show, “Fredin Vieraana” (Fredi’s guests). This show was filled with both songs and interviews.Fredi became 78 years old. Fredi in 1967: Fredi & Friends in 1976: photo credits: Beeld & Geluid

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