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Natalia Gordienko represents Moldova

It was expected already, but Moldovan national broadcaster TRM didn’t confirm it, until today: Natalia Gordienko will represent Moldova in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Natalia was chosen to represent the country in the 2020 contest, but due to the cancellation, that didn’t happen. She has, however, been on the Eurovision stage, but in 2006. Together with Arsenium and rapper Connect-R, she sang the song “Loca”.

“Loca”, the 2006 Moldovan entry

TRM stated that, due to COVID19, it was impossible to organize a national final. Anything they would do would break the limitation that they have in Moldova because of the crisis. A songtitle for Natalia Gordienko is not known yet. 

“Prison”, the 2020 Moldovan entry


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