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Major changes in Eurovision voting

Some major changes in the Eurovision 2023 voting are announced. That was announced by EBU in a press release today.

Only viewer votes will decide countries qualifying from Semi-Finals 

The Semi-Final results will be decided by televoting only. No expert jury will be involved. With that decision, the Semi-Finals will go back to the 2007 system. The main reason to get an expert jury involved was the diaspora vote. Several countries were succesful thanks to their diaspora. According to the results of the 2007 backup jury, for example Turkey would not have done that well. Germany however, would have reached a 4th place, while the entry “Frauen regier’n die Welt” became 19th with televoting only.

Viewers in non-participating countries will be able to vote online 

There will be a ‘rest of the world’ jury, built up just like the other juries. That makes it possible for viewers from for example Canada or South Africa to vote in the contest as well. This jury can vote in both the Semi-Finals and the Grand Final.

Jury votes will, as before, be combined with viewer votes to decide final result 

The way the results in the Grand Final will be decided, does not change; the only difference will be the ‘rest of the world’ jury.


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