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Live Blog. 2nd Rehearsals The big 5 & The Netherlands

Today we follow the second rehearsals of the big 5 and the Netherlands in Ahoy Rotterdam. We keep you live updated.

In Cooperation with Eurovision Artists.

Photo & Videocredits: EBU

12.35 – Spain

The last in the league today is Spain. He starts acapella again, which sounds promising. Unfortunately the song ripples on a bit after that, and Blas Cantó is unable to convince. The vocals are not very good either, especially when the singing is  more powerful.The expression last but not least does not apply in this case. Spain rank 37th in the polls, which does not bode well for the final ranking.


12.10 – United Kingdom

In the same setting, James Newman puts on a similar rehearsal as in the first. The song is cheerful and dynamic, James is full of enthusiasm, and yet it all comes across as a bit artificial. Vocally, it is often just on, just over the edge. With a 22nd place in the polls, it will be quite a job for James to finish in the left row.


11.45 – France

Barbara Pravi also puts on a fantastic rehearsal today, in the same setting as during the 1st rehearsal. A small point of attention is her tank top, which fell off during the first run. It would be a shame if a nipplegate were created around Barbara which will get a lot of attention, instead of focusing on the act and vocals that are powerful and beautiful in all its simplicity. A high quotation and perhaps winning the festival is absolutely possible for Barbara.


11.20 – The Netherlands

Today Jeangu Macrooy also puts on a great rehearsal. The act is dynamic and well thought out. The maximum is achieved. Singing and dancing are rock solid. With a 31st place in the polls, it is hoped that professional jury and televoters will be able to show a little more appreciation for the Dutch entry after seeing the live performance.

10.55 – Germany

Jendrik puts on a great rehearsal again. He bounces and runs across the stage, occasionally making him a little breathless. It is a cheerful, fun act, which he ends in Dutch : “Tot Snel”. The question is how the professional jury will rate this. The Televoters will certainly appreciate it. With a 29th place in the polls, it seems almost impossible for Germany to end up in the left row.


10.30 – Italy

The setting is the same as during the first rehearsal. The outfits are different. The lady and gentlemen from Måneskin are dressed in dark red today. Singer Damiano David again bare-chested, except for suspenders. Just like during the first rehearsal, they rock their way through the 3 minutes. With a 2nd place in the polls, a big top 10, possibly even 5, is certainly possible.




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