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Go-A chosen to represent Ukraine

It is Go-A who will represent the Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam this year. They were chosen by both jury and televoters to get the ticket. Their song is called “Solovey” and is written and composed by Taras Shevchenko and Kateryna Pavlenko.

The full results of tonights contest are:

  1. Go-A, “Solovey”, 12 pts.
  2. Khayat, “Call for love”, 9 pts.
  3. Krutь, “99″, 9pts. 
  4. Tvorchi, “Bonfire”, 5 pts.
  5. David Axelrod, “Horizon”, 5 pts.
  6. Jerry Heil, “Vegan” , 2 pts.



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