Alessandra Mele wins Melodi Grand Prix 2023

The suspense was building in Trondheim Spektrum, but we have a winner! Alessandra Mele won the whole contest with 283 points. She won the jury vote with 104 points, and the televote with a stunning 179 points landslide. She will represent Norway with “Queen of Kings”. 

Right before winning MGP, she heard that her song was number 1 in the spotify charts. Not only in Norway, but in a lot of countries her song is a viral succes. Maybe in yours awell! 

Here are the full results:

  1. Alessandra, “Queen of kings”, 233 pts.
  2. Ulrikke Brandstorp, “Honestly”, 138 pts.
  3. Atle Pettersen, “Masterpiece”, 122 pts.
  4. Elsie Bay, “Love you in a dream”, 83 pts.
  5. Jone, “Ekko inni mig”, 70 pts.
  6. Eline Thorp, “Not meant to be”, 60 pts.
  7. Skrellex, “Love again”, 54 pts.
  8. Swing’it, “Prohibition”, 51 pts.


Watch her MGP performance here:

We will see Alessandra in the first Semi Final on May 9th. 



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