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UEFA 2020: day 5

Today, only two matches will be played. The first one is the one of Hungary against Portugal. Both countries had their most successful entry with a little song that contains a very special emotion. For Hungary, it was the first entry, the one of Friderika Bayer, “Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet” (to whom should I tell my sins), became 4th. Portugal won the contest with Salvador Sobral’s “Amar pelos dois” (Love for both).

The second match will be between France and Germany. It’s quite a while ago when both countries were serious contenders for victory. We have to go back to 1981! France was represented by Jean Gabilou who sang his “Humanahum”. Germany had Lena Valaitis singing for the country with the song “Johnny Blue”. By the way, both countries did not get the prize, as there was a third one, the United Kingdom. We will see what will happen in Euro2020, everything is possible.


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