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Malmö Messages: another outfit and a lot of folkore

Austria: Here too, we have a different outfit. Kaleen was already wearing a swimsuit before, but the current one shows much more skin (read: flesh-colored bodysuit). The color is now silver. She is also surrounded by a group of four dancers. This act too is mainly focused on dance, with singing possibly taking a backseat. But we will only find out during the public rehearsals. Austria is ranked 14th at the bookmakers.

EBU/Alma Bengtsson

Denmark: Little has changed in the Danish act compared to last time. Saba is still singing her ballad in a white dress. Like a real Sandman, she scatters sand. She is ranked 22nd by the bookmakers. Who knows, maybe she will break the negative spiral of not reaching the finals.

EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett

Armenia: Armenia will actually be represented by a duo, which is not visible in the act. There is a lot of movement and several musicians have joined Ladaniva. A lot of cheerfulness is visible. And take note: you are not drunk, you really see the duo multiple times, displayed on the LED screens. The bookmakers give Armenia a 17th place.

EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett

Latvia: We could now say that Dons’ hair is different from the last rehearsal, but that would be trivial. What we see in the photos is virtually the same as what we had seen two days earlier: Dons in blue in a circle, calmly singing his song. He is currently ranked 27th by the bookmakers. It will be a close call for Latvia whether Hollow will make it.

EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett

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