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May 2, 2024

Malmö Messages: The Big Five plus Sweden

We haven’t heard from the big five plus Sweden yet. Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the host Sweden automatically qualify for the final. They had their rehearsal tonight. The United Kingdom was the first to rehearse. If you think you have ended up in the locker room of a boxing match; this is still the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. Olly Alexander is wearing red pants and a white shirt. His hands are taped up. Around him are a number of dancers in red shorts and with bare chests. According to, the camera moves in such a way that it seems as if the room is spinning. It could make you “Dizzy”. Isaak, representing Germany, appears to be in a very luxurious living room while singing his song “Always on the run”. We see a fire pit, lots of flames, and the cube coming down again. Isaak himself is dressed in black and is flanked by four backup singers; live singing matters here too. Marcus and Martinus are performing “Unforgettable” for Sweden. And as usual, the Swedes have the exact same act on stage as they did during Melodifestivalen. The twins are dressed in blue and black. On the LED screens behind them, and on the cube above them, many colors and patterns are visible. Occasionally, the title of the song also appears. The act is the same, but huge. The contestant for France, Slimane, is dressed in white during his “Mon amour”. He starts lying down and sings the first part of the song on his knees. Later, he stands behind the microphone and steps away from it to sing the last piece a cappella. The smoke machine does its job. The Spanish duo Nebulossa rehearsed next. Their song “Zorra” starts from the cube, which is now not hanging but has come all the way down. Mery is wearing pants with wide legs and a blouse with large puff sleeves. The red sofa, which Mery also was standing on during the national final, has come along to Malmö. There is smoke on the floor throughout the performance. Angelina Mango will perform for Italy in a red dress. On her arms and legs, we see some sort of plant images. The four dancers emerge from four large cubes to lift Angelina. She stands among them in front of a large throne made of branches. The whole scene is set against a backdrop of a sort of forest with bare trees. In short, there will be much to see during “La Noia.”

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Malmö Messages: another outfit and a lot of folkore

Austria: Here too, we have a different outfit. Kaleen was already wearing a swimsuit before, but the current one shows much more skin (read: flesh-colored bodysuit). The color is now silver. She is also surrounded by a group of four dancers. This act too is mainly focused on dance, with singing possibly taking a backseat. But we will only find out during the public rehearsals. Austria is ranked 14th at the bookmakers. Denmark: Little has changed in the Danish act compared to last time. Saba is still singing her ballad in a white dress. Like a real Sandman, she scatters sand. She is ranked 22nd by the bookmakers. Who knows, maybe she will break the negative spiral of not reaching the finals. Armenia: Armenia will actually be represented by a duo, which is not visible in the act. There is a lot of movement and several musicians have joined Ladaniva. A lot of cheerfulness is visible. And take note: you are not drunk, you really see the duo multiple times, displayed on the LED screens. The bookmakers give Armenia a 17th place. Latvia: We could now say that Dons’ hair is different from the last rehearsal, but that would be trivial. What we see in the photos is virtually the same as what we had seen two days earlier: Dons in blue in a circle, calmly singing his song. He is currently ranked 27th by the bookmakers. It will be a close call for Latvia whether Hollow will make it.

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Malmö Messages: outfit changes and odds changes

We are once again following the rehearsals. The countries performing in the second semi-final are now rehearsing again, but not all of them. Because at the end of the afternoon and the beginning of the evening, we will see and hear the big 5 and Sweden. Malta: We talked about a swimsuit in Sarah Bonnici’s previous rehearsal. She still sings her song ‘Loop’ in a swimsuit, but now she has covered her arms and upper legs with silver. She hardly touches the ground, as she is continually lifted. There is hardly any betting on Malta: the island ranks last in the odds. Albania: Besa is wearing a very different outfit than in the previous rehearsal: a dark suit adorned with gemstones. They seem to reflect the colors of the rainbow. Three dancers flank her, along with two backing vocalists! Albania still presents some live music, apart from the singer. It does little to help Albania. Titan is given a 31st place in the odds. Greece: Marina Satti is one of the bigger names in Greece. Dance also predominates here, as far as we can assess. We can trust in it that Marina Satti can put on a dazzling show. Greece seems to be becoming a sub-top contender with an 8th place from the bookmakers, but maybe there’s even more in store for Marina & co. Switzerland: Nemo has lost their first place in the bookmakers’ rankings today. Their singing talent could not be the reason, as was evident during Eurovision in Concert in April, when we heard ‘The Code’ live. In the new photos, Nemo is still wearing the feather suit and performing their balancing acts on the revolving platform. There are also new photos where Nemo is wearing exactly the same suit that Céline Dion wore when she won Eurovision. Czech Republic: The Czech song deals with a pedestal, but here in Malmö she is not standing on one. However, we see a lot of flames around Aiko. That’s a good thing, because both she and her dancers are dressed entirely in black. And this while the act is about the very last stage of grief: acceptance. Currently, the Czech Republic shares a 31st place with Albania among the bookmakers.

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