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🇸🇲 Road To Malmö: San Marino

We can not wait for the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. Therefore, we have a closer look at one of the contestants every day. Today: San Marino


Megara is an alternative metal band from Madrid, Spain, that started making music together in 2015. The group has four members: Kenzy sings, Rober plays guitar, Vitti rocks the bass, and Ra Tache keeps the beat on drums. They’re known for playing a unique kind of music they call “fucksia rock” or “fucksia metal,” which is all about mixing different musical styles into their own special blend.

They kicked off with their first EP, Muérase quien pueda, in 2015, and kept the hits coming with albums like Siete in 2016 and Aquí estamos todos locos in 2018. They even played at the big Resurrection Fest in 2019! Their latest album, Truco o trato, came out in 2022.

In 2023, they tried to represent Spain at Eurovision with their song “Arcadia” but didn’t make it, even though they got to the final of Benidorm Fest. They also got to open for Babymetal in Spain, which is pretty awesome. The band did not give up. They tried for Eurovision again in 2024 with “11:11” and, after not making it in Spain, got picked to represent San Marino

Una Voce Per San Marino

A total of 126 (!!!) songs competed in the San Marinese national final Una Voce Per San Marino. In 5 long semifinals, half of the 16 finalists were chosen. In another competition, the San Marino Sessions, an extra song was chosen. The songs in this competition were al written by AI. The winner, Dana Gillespie with her song “The last polar bear”, reached a 7th place in the final. Eight established artists also competed in the final. Among them Jalisse, who represented Italy in the 1997 contest, and Loredana Berté. The latter was the favourite to win the competition. However, she did not. She ended up in 2nd place behind Megara.

San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest

The country debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008 with the Italian group Miodio. San Marino often (not always!) selects artists from other countries. Even American rapper Flo Rida represented the country. There are also many artists who take part for the country more than once, like Senhit, Valentina Monetta and Serhat. With a 19th place in the final, Serhat was the best scoring artist for San Marino so far with his song “Say Na Na Na”.

Serhat, photo: EBU/Thomas Hanses

The Bookmakers

The odds for winning the Eurovision Song Contest are currently not too positive about Megara: they give them a last place. In the odds to make it to the final, the country has a 13th place. A job has to be done by Megara to convince the jury and televoter and prove the odds to be wrong.

The Song

And this is the song:



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