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🇲🇩 MOLDOVA: audition round!

Today, the audition round in Moldova will be held. 30 songs will take part in Etapa Națională, the national selection of Moldova. 10 of them will be selected for the final. The show starts at 15.00 CET and you can watch it here, here or on YouTube.

These are the 30 titles:

  • Anna G sings “Ay Ay Ay”
  • Anna Gulko sings “Perfect place”
  • Cătălina Solomac sings “Fever”
  • Denis Midone sings “Back to me”
  • DPSTP sings “Rise up”
  • Formația Vele sings “Carnaval”
  • Iulia Teleucă sings “Runaway”
  • Laura sings “Spune-mi”
  • Maria Colac sings “Break free”
  • Max Cara sings “Broke the chain”
  • Natalia Barbu sings “In the middle”
  • Nicoleta Sava sings “Brava”
  • Nino sings “Up again”
  • OL sings “No time no space”
  • Oleg Spînu sings “Jungle”
  • Oliv Sky sings “Another universe”
  • Oliv Sky sings “Loud and clear”
  • Poli sings “Lui”
  • Reghina Alexandrina sings “Contrasens”
  • Sasha Bognibov sings “Married to twins”
  • Sasha Letty sings “DNA”
  • Tudor Bumbac sings “Tudorel”
  • Valeria Pasha sings “Anti-princess”
  • Valleria sings “Rule (Rai di ri di)”
  • Valleria sings “Run”
  • Victor Gulic sings “Fever”
  • Victor Lozinsky sings “Dirty wind/Joker and Harley move”
  • Viola Julea sings “Light up!”
  • Y-Limit sings “Revolution”
  • Y-Limit sings “what’s the fun”


Anna Gulko participated in 2010 (internet round), 2012 (14th), 2013 (13th), 2014 (semifinal) and 2016 (semifinal)
Denis Midone took part in 2020 (14th) and 2022.
Formaţia Vele auditioned last year.
Natalia Barbu represented Moldova in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. In 2011 she became 2nd in the national final.
Nicoleta Sava became 7th in 2018.
Nino reached a 7th place in 2022.
OL was 6th last year.
Sasha Bognibov auditioned in 2007, took part in the 2010 internet round, took part in 2022 and auditioned in 2023.
Sasha Letty was 14th in 2020.
Tudor Bumbac auditioned in 2020 and in 2022.
Valleria auditioned last year.
Victor Gulic was 9th last year.
Viola Julea took part in 2022.
Y-Limit auditioned in 2022 and 2023.


Natalia Barbu sang “Fight” in ESC 2007.



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