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🇮🇹 This is the week of Sanremo

Festival di Sanremo 2024 is going to start tonight. Tonight, all the artists will sing their song for the first time. The upcoming five days, you can watch Sanremo every night. After the final, the winner will let us know whether he or she will represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö this year.

Tonight’s show starts at 20.40 CET. You can watch the show live here. The participants are:

  • Alessandra Amoroso sings “Fino a qui”
  • Alfa sings “Vai!”
  • Agelina Mango sings “La noia”
  • Annalisa sings “Sinceramente”
  • BigMama sings “La rabbia non ti basta”
  • Bnkr44 sings “Governo punk”
  • Clara sings “Diamanti grezzi”
  • Dargen D’Amico sings “Onda alta”
  • Diodato sings “Ti muovi”
  • Emma sings “Apnea”
  • Fiorella Mannoia sings “Mariposa”
  • Fred De Palma sings “Il cielo non ci vuole”
  • Gazzelle sings “Tutto qui”
  • Geolier sings “I p’ me tu p’ te”
  • Ghali sings “Casa mia”
  • Il Tre sings “Fragili”
  • Il Volo sings “Capolavoro”
  • Irama sings “Tu no”
  • La sad sings “Autodistruttivo”
  • Loredana Bertè sings “Pazza”
  • Mahmood sings “Tuta gold”
  • Maninni sings “Spettacolare”
  • Mr. Rain sings “Due altalene”
  • Negramaro sings “Ricominciamo tutto”
  • Renga & Nek sing “Pazzo di te”
  • Ricchi e Poveri sing “Ma non tutta la vitta”
  • Rose Villain sings “Click boom!”
  • Sangiovanni sings “Finiscimi”
  • Santi Francesci sings “L’amore in bocca”
  • The Kolors sing “Un ragazzo una ragazza”


Several participants took part in previous festivals in years that the ESC participant was chosen from Sanremo. No less than 4 participants represented Italy in ESC: Emma (2014), Il Volo (2015), Mahmood (2019 and 2022) and even Ricchi e Poveri (1978!). Diodato was supposed to do the job in 2020, but in that year the festival had to be cancelled due to COVID19.

Ricchi e Poveri sing “Questo amore”, 1978

Emma sings “La mia città”, 2014

Il volo sing “Grande amore”, 2015

Mahmood sings “Soldi”, 2019

Diodato sings “Fai rumore”, Eurovision Shine a Light 2020

Mahmood (in duet with Blanco) sings “Brividi, 2022


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