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🇬🇷 Road to Malmö: Greece

We can not wait for the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. Therefore, we have a closer look at one of the contestants every day. Today: Greece.

Marina Satti

Marina Satti, a dynamic Greek singer with a rich multicultural background, was born in Athens to a Sudanese father and a Greek mother from Heraklion, Crete. Although Athens was her birthplace, Marina was raised in Heraklion and spent her childhood summers in Sudan, immersing herself in a blend of cultures from an early age. Her passion for music began early, starting with classical piano before expanding to vocal training in high school. Despite initially pursuing architecture, Marina’s heart belonged to music. Her dedication led her to achieve degrees in lyrical monody and advanced classical studies, and she even explored jazz at the prestigious Berklee College of Music on a scholarship.

Marina’s career is as diverse as her background. She performed with the European Jazz Orchestra, collaborated with Bobby McFerrin, and founded Fonés, an all-female a cappella group, delving into traditional polyphonic songs. Her singles, like “Koupes” and “Mantissa,” have gained international acclaim, with millions of views and recognition in top music charts. In 2017, she initiated cultural events leading to the creation of the choir Chόres, blending traditional songs with archaeological settings. Her debut album “YENNA” led to a successful European tour, and in 2023, Marina was chosen to represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

Greek artists with another background

Since 2020, all the Greek artists have roots or a background in another country. Stefania (2020 and 2021) has Greek parents, but is born and raced in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Amanda Tenfjord (2022) had a Norwegian mother and a Greek father. And last year, Viktor Vernicos represented Greece: he had a Danish father and a Greek mother. And as you could read above, Marina Satti has a Sudanese father and a Greek mother.

Victor Vernicos, EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett

Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest

The very first Greek entry was “Krassi, thalassa ke t’agori mou” in 1974, sung by the famous Marinella. She only reached an 11th place. It was the group Pascalis, Marianna, Robert & Bessy who managed to reach the top-5 with “Mathéma solfege”. It took a long time before that record was broken. Greek-Swedish duo Antique did the job in 2001 with the song “Die for you”: they became 3rd. Helena Paparizou of Antique finally managed to win the contest in 2005 with “My number one”.
Greek entries often do well in the contest. Last year however, Greece didn’t make it to the final. There are high hopes for Marina Satti to do better.

Helena Paparizou

The Bookmakers

Greece currently is 4th to reach the final, and 8th to win the overall contest. Can we safely say that Greece is likely to do well in the contest this year. I guess so!



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