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🇬🇪 Road To Malmö: Georgia

We can not wait for the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. Therefore, we have a closer look at one of the contestants every day. Today: Georgia.

Nutsa Buzaladze

Nutsa Buzaladze is a talented singer-songwriter from Georgia, born on January 28, 1997. She started her music journey when she was just 5 years old by joining a children’s group in Tbilisi, her hometown. Nutsa quickly showed her musical skills by playing in a band, singing, playing the guitar, and even learning piano by the time she was 8. Her big break came in 2011 when she competed in Georgia’s Got Talent, setting the stage for her solo career. Nutsa gained international fame in 2014 by winning at the New Wave Music Festival in Latvia, representing Georgia.

Throughout her career, Nutsa has been part of various music contests and worked with famous artists like Hadise. In 2017, her song “White Horses Run” almost won Georgia’s choice for Eurovision. She released her first album, “Nutsa22,” in 2019, featuring popular songs in both Georgian and English. Nutsa continued to impress by participating in music shows around the world, including American Idol in 2023.

Recently, on January 12, 2024, it was announced that Nutsa will represent Georgia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Sweden with the song “Firefighter”.

The New Wave Music Festival

In 2014, Nutsa Buzaladze won the New Wave Music Festival. The New Wave Music Festival in Latvia is a prestigious international contest that showcases the talents of young musicians from around the globe. Held annually in the beautiful city of Jūrmala, the festival has become a launching pad for emerging artists since its inception in 2002. Over the course of several days, participants compete by performing a variety of songs, ranging from national hits to international classics, in front of a panel of esteemed judges and a live audience.

The festival is known for its vibrant atmosphere, stunning coastal setting, and the opportunity it provides for young talents to connect with industry professionals. Winners of the New Wave gain significant exposure, opening doors to international careers in music. Besides the competition, the festival features performances by established stars, adding to its allure. Over the years, New Wave has solidified its reputation as a key event in the music calendar, celebrating new talent and the universal language of music.

Georgia in the Eurovision Song Contest

“Firefighter” is the 16th Georgian entry in Eurovision. The country debuted in 2007 with Sopho Galvashi and her “Visionary dream”. The best scoring songs for Georgia were Sofia Nizharadze with “Shine” and Eldrine with “One more day”. Both songs were 9th in the final, Sophia in 2010 and Eldrine in 2011. The last time Georgia reached the final was in 2016 with Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz and their song “Midnight gold”. In 2009 Georgia withdrew: Stephane & 3G won the national selection with the song “We don’t wanna put in”. They had to change the lyrics due to a reference to Vladimir Putin, but they refused to do so.

Sophia Nizharadze

The Bookmakers

Georgia is currently 18th in the odds to win the contest. In the odds to reach the final the country is 10th with 64%, against Denmark with 44% in an 11th place. So if the bookmakers are right, the spell of not reaching the final will be broken.

The song

And this is the song:



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