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🇪🇪 Who will sing for Estonia?

The final of Eesti Laul, the Estonian final, will be held tonight. 10 songs will compete: 5 from the semifinal and 5, placed directly in the final. The show will be broadcast at 18:30 CET from the Tondiraba Ice Hall in Tallinn. You can watch it here and on YouTube. These are the 10 competing songs:

nr. Title Artist(s)  
1 Bad boy Brother Apollo
2 Never growing up Carlos Ukareda
3 Hold me now Ewert and the Two Dragons
4 Serotoniin Anet Vaikmaa
5 My friend Ollie
6 Over the moon Daniel Levi
7 Still love Uudo Sepp & Sarah Murray
8 Korra veel Peter Põder
9 (Nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi 5miinust & Puuluup
10 Käte ümber jää Nele-Liis Vaiksoo

Carlos Ukareda took part in the 2023 semifinal.
Ewert Sundja was 7th in 2004 and took part in this year’s semifinal with Cartoon.
Ollie was the 2023 runner up.
Daniel Levi was 2nd in 2015 and 9th in 2017.
In 2020, Uudo Sepp reached the 10th place.
Peter Põder reached the 2022 quarter final.


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