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🇪🇪 Estonia starts with the semifinal

Tonight the semifinal of Eesti Laul, the Estonian national final, will be held. Out of 15 songs, 5 will head to the final after two rounds of voting. The first round is 50% jury 50% televoting, the second round is televoting only.

The show starts at 18.15 CET and you can watch it here.

The 15 entries are:

  1. 5miinust &Jak sing “(Nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi”
  2. Inga sings “No dog no leash”
  3. Ollie sings “My friend”
  4. Yonna sings “I don’t know about you”
  5. Peter Põder sings “Korra veel”
  6. Cartoon & Ewert Sundja sing “Oblivion”
  7. Traffic sings “Wunderbar”
  8. Ingmar sings “Dreaming”
  9. Anet Vaikmaa sings “Serotoniin”
  10. Laura sings “Here’s where I draw the line”
  11. Sofia Rubina sings “Be good”
  12. Antsud sings “Velevaim”
  13. Silver Jusilo sings “Lately”
  14. Cecilia sings “FOMO”
  15. Ewert and the two Dragons sing “Hold me now”


Inga took part in 2019 (5th), 2020 (semifinal), 2022 (as a member of DeLulu, semifinal)
Ollie was runner up in 2023.
Yonna took part in 2019 and reached the 2nd chance round.
Peter Põder participated in 2022 (semifinal).
Cartoon was 3rd in 2016.
Ewert Sundja was present in 2004.
Traffic took part in 2008 (6th), 2009 (2nd), 2012 (3rd), 2014 (3rd), 2020 (5th) and 2022 (semifinal).
Laura represented Estonia in 2005 with Suntribe and the song “Let’s get loud”, and in 2017 together with Koit Toome with “Verona”. Besides she took part in the national selection in 2007 (3rd), 2009 (3rd), 2016 (2nd), 2020 (11th).
Sofia Rubina was present in 2006 (7th), 2011 (7th), 2019 (2nd chance round). 
Antsud reached the 2nd chance round in (2017).
Silver Jusilo performed in the 2022 semifinal.

Suntribe (2005) with Laura Põldvere.

Laura with Koit Toome in 2017.


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