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🇦🇺 Electric Fields represents Australia

Electric Fields represents Australia in the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest. They will sing the song “One Milkali (One Blood)”. That is what EBU and Australian broadcaster SBS announced this evening. 

Electric Fields, an Australian electronic duo, unites Zaachariaha Fielding’s stunning vocals with Michael Ross’s production prowess. Blending electric-soul with Aboriginal languages, they’ve created a sound that’s both innovative and deeply rooted in their cultural heritage. Since forming in 2015, they’ve released an EP, several singles, and have been recognized with awards, reflecting their significant impact on music and culture. Their journey includes a nearly successful bid to represent Australia at Eurovision 2019, leading up to their confirmed participation in 2024 with “One Milkali (One Blood).” Celebrated for their artistry and advocacy, Electric Fields stand as influential figures in modern Australian music, bridging cultural divides with their powerful, emotive performances.

Australia will perform in the second half of the first semifinal.

This is the song:


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