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Ulrikke, Unami Tsunami & Alessandra are trough!

Tonight’s first Melodi Grand Prix semi final was won by Ulrikke, Unami Tsunami & Alessandra Mele. 

seven songs competed, but only three songs went trough to the final. Ulrikke, winner of Melodi Grand Prix 2020, competed again tonight. She’s expected to win this years season again with her song “Honestly”.

Unami Tsunami qualified awell. They competed with a Boyband dance pop song.  However they’re not the only ones that competed with a dance song tonight. Show opener Alessandra Mele won a “finalepass” aswell with her dance song “Queens of Kings”.


Tonight the 2017 winner of MGP competed again with his song “Freaky For The Weekend”. The song was produced by JOWST, and sung by Byron Williams Jr. They didn’t manage to qualify.


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