The Busker wins Maltese selection

Maltese band The Busker has won the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. The Band reached the first place in MESC2023 with the song “Dance (our own party)”, written by David Meilak and composed by David Meilak, Jean Paul Borg, Matthew James Borg, Michael Joe Cini and Sean Meachen. It is not sure whether “Dance (our own party)” will be the Maltese entry, as this is not obliged according to the rules of MESC. Malta will perform in the first half of the first semifinal.

Here are the full results:

  1. The Busker sings “Dance (our own party)”, 121 pts.
  2. Maxine Pace, “Alone”, 73 pts.
  3. Brooke sings “Checkmate”, 70 pts.
  4. Matt Blxck sings “Up”, 45 pts.
  5. Ryan Hili sings “In the silence”, 41 pts.
  6. Chris Grech sings “Indescribable”, 34 pts.
  7. Ian sings “On my own”, 22 pts.
  8. Fabrizio Faniello sings “Try to be better”, 21 pts.
  9. Eliana Gomez Blanco sings “Guess what”, 20 pts.
  10. Christian Arding sings “Eku Ċar”, 17 pts.
  11. Nathan sings “Creeping walls”, 12 pts.
  12. Dan sings “It’ll be OK”, 10 pts.
  13. Cheryl sings “La la land”, 9 pts.
  14. Geo Debono sings “The mirror”, 3 pts.
  15. Giada sings “I depend on you”, 3 pts.
  16. Stefan Galea sings “Heartbreaker”, 3 pts.



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