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February 12, 2023

Marco Mengoni represents Italy

After he won the Festival Di Sanremo yesterday, Marco Mengoni confirmed today that he will go to Eurovision. He confirmed that during the winners press conference this afternoon. The signs that he would do the job were already there. Yesterday, he said in a BBC-interview that he would like to go. Marco Mengoni will sing the song “Due vite” in Liverpool. The song is written by Marco himself with Davide Pretella and Davide Simonetta. Italy is placed directly for the final.

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Marco Mengoni wins San Remo 2023

(photo by Alvaro Sanabria-Rangel) It’s “Due Vite”by Marco Mengoni that won the 73rd edition of the Italian San Remo festival! Every night he participated, he won the first place. It’s the second time he won the competition. In 2013, it was his first time winning the competition with “L’Essenziale”. Back then he went to the Eurovision Song Contest, and ended up quite high with 7th place.” The question is, will he participate in Eurovision again this year? Well, we only need to wait and find out. You can find the San Remo performance of “Due Vite” right here:    The San Remo 2023 top 5 were: Marco Mengoni – “Due Vite” Lazza – Cenere Mr. Rain – Supereroi Ultimo – Alba Tananai – Tango  

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The Busker wins Maltese selection

Maltese band The Busker has won the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. The Band reached the first place in MESC2023 with the song “Dance (our own party)”, written by David Meilak and composed by David Meilak, Jean Paul Borg, Matthew James Borg, Michael Joe Cini and Sean Meachen. It is not sure whether “Dance (our own party)” will be the Maltese entry, as this is not obliged according to the rules of MESC. Malta will perform in the first half of the first semifinal. Here are the full results: The Busker sings “Dance (our own party)”, 121 pts. Maxine Pace, “Alone”, 73 pts. Brooke sings “Checkmate”, 70 pts. Matt Blxck sings “Up”, 45 pts. Ryan Hili sings “In the silence”, 41 pts. Chris Grech sings “Indescribable”, 34 pts. Ian sings “On my own”, 22 pts. Fabrizio Faniello sings “Try to be better”, 21 pts. Eliana Gomez Blanco sings “Guess what”, 20 pts. Christian Arding sings “Eku Ċar”, 17 pts. Nathan sings “Creeping walls”, 12 pts. Dan sings “It’ll be OK”, 10 pts. Cheryl sings “La la land”, 9 pts. Geo Debono sings “The mirror”, 3 pts. Giada sings “I depend on you”, 3 pts. Stefan Galea sings “Heartbreaker”, 3 pts.  

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Croatia: controversial Let 3 wins DORA

The controversial Croatian band Let 3 has won DORA, the national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. The band will thus represent Croatia with the song “Mama šč!”. Croatia will perform in the 1st half of the first semifinal. The full results of DORA 2023 are: Let 3, “Mama šč!”, 279 pts. Harmonija Disonance, “Nevera (lei lei)”, 155 pts. Detour, “Master blaster”, 114 pts. The Splitters, “Lost and found”, 110 pts. Damir Kedžo, “Angels and demons”, 103 pts. Eni Jurišić, “Kreni dalje”, 71 pts. Krešo & Kisele Kiše, “Kme kme”, 53 pts. Barbara Munjas, “Putem snova”, 52 pts. Meri Andraković, “Bye bye blonde”, 44 pts. Hana Mašić, “Nesreća”, 33 pts. Top Of The Pops ft. Mario 5reković, “Putovanje”, 33 pts. Martha May, “Distance”, 31 pts. Boris Štok, “Grijeh”, 17 pts. Đana, “Free fallin’”, 14 pts. Maja Grgić, “I still live”, 13 pts. Yogi, “Love at first sight”, 13 pts. Tajana Belina, “Dom”, 10 pts. Patricia Gasparini, “I will wait”, 8 pts.

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