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Sweden sends Loreen and Smash Into Pieces direct to final

Tonight was the final heat in Melodifestivalen 2023. We’ve now seen every song competing in this years’ show. This week we’ve seen some familair faces, as Loreen & Mariette competed for a spot in the final.


And with that, Loreen succeeded to get a spot in the final, as she won this weeks heat with the most votes of the evening. Earlier this week her rehearsal made a magnificent change in the Eurovision odds, as it doubled the Swedish percentage, and now is first.


The second qualifier was Smash Into Pieces with “Six Feet Under” winning the twelve points in four different age groups! It’s the debut of the band at Melodifestivalen, and they are of to a great start!


The two semi final qualifiers were Marriete and Kiana. 

Mariette is known in the Eurovision family, as she has competed in Melodifestivalen five times. Her highest result was fourth in 2017 with “A Million Years”. 

Kiana is an upcoming music talent in Sweden. In 2021 she participated in Sweden’s got talent, and qualified for the final, and eventually was the runner up of the show. This year she tries to represent Sweden, and will try to succeed her place in the Semi Final. 


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