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San Marino selects a song

After a week of semifinals, it is the moment that San Marino selects a song. Out of 22 entries, the smallest country on the current Eurovision map will select one. The show starts at 21:00 CET and can be seen here. Below you will find the participants:

1 Alfie Arcuri Collide
2 Deborah Iurato Out of space
3 Deshedus Non basterà
4 Edoardo Brogi Due punti sull’equatore
5 EEF Something for you
6 Eiffel 65 Movie star
7 Ellynora Mama told me
8 Iole Sui tetto del mondo
9 Kida Stessa pelle
10 Le Deva Fiori su marte
11 Lorenzo Licitra Never give up
12 Mate Prisma
13 Mayu C’è qualcosa in me che non funziona
14 NeVruz L’alieno
15 Piqued Jacks Like an animal
16 Ronela Hajati Salvaje
17 Roy Paci Tromba
18 Simone De Biagi Catching memories
19 Thomas 23:23
20 Tothem Sacro e profano
21 Vina Rose Oblivious
22 XGiove Fuoco e benzina

Alfie Arcuri became 5th in Australia You Decide in 2019.
Deborah Iurato became 3rd in the Festival Di Sanremo 2016.
Deshedus became 9th in Una Voce per San Marino 2022.
Mate became 17th in Una Voce per San Marino 2022.
Ronela Hajati took part in Festival i Këngës 2015 (11th) and 2022 (1st). She represented Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Sekret”.
Roy Paci became 8th in Festival Di Sanremo 2018.
Vina Rose became 7th in Una Voce per San Marino 2022.


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