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Road to Liverpool: Armenia

We can not wait for the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. Therefore, we have a closer look at one of the contestants every day. Today: Armenia.


Brunette has been internally chosen to represent Armenia. She will sing the self-written song “Future lover”. Brunette’s real name is Ellen Yeremyan. She was born 27 May 2001 in the Armenian capital Yerevan. In September 2019 she released her first single, “Love the way you feel“. A year later she released a song in Armenian called “Uzum em urishin“. Two years later, the song “Smoke Break” was released in February 2022, followed a few days later by another, “Night”. The third song “Bac kapuyt achqerd” was released in June. She is the author of the music and lyrics of all her songs. In December, she was a member of the jury of the Armenian delegation at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Depi Evratesil

This year was definitely not the first year when Armenia chose their entry internally. However, every now and then the Armenian broadcaster AMPTV chose to have a national selection called Depi Evratesil. Sometimes it was a contest with only one contestant, like with Sirusho in 2008. No surprise, as Sirusho is one of the biggest stars in Armenia. In other years, there were many contestants. Last time it was held was in 2020, when Athena Manoukyan won. She never went to Eurovision due to COVID19.
One of the most remarkable contestants of Depi Evratesil was, with no doubt, Kamil Show. She became 2nd but got a lot of media attention.

Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest

The first Armenian entry was “Without your love”, sung by André in 2006. It was an immediate success. Armenia reached the final and became 8th there. In 2008 the aformentioned Sirusho even reached the 4th place with her “Qele Qele”. Armenia had been successfull on several occasions, but never higher than that 4th place. Aram mp3 also reached this place in 2014. And of course we can not forget about last year’s singer Rosa Linn. She only became 20th with her “Snap”. However, it became a worldwide hit via TikTok, and is now one of the most streamed Eurovision songs ever!


Armenia currently has a 12th place in the betting odds. If Brunette becomes 12th, the tradition of getting into the final (Armenia only missed it on 3 occasions) will remain, and Brunette will do even better than Rosa Linn last year.

The song

And of course, here is the song:


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