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Marco Mengoni wins San Remo 2023

(photo by Alvaro Sanabria-Rangel)

It’s “Due Vite”by Marco Mengoni that won the 73rd edition of the Italian San Remo festival! Every night he participated, he won the first place. It’s the second time he won the competition.

In 2013, it was his first time winning the competition with “L’Essenziale”. Back then he went to the Eurovision Song Contest, and ended up quite high with 7th place.” The question is, will he participate in Eurovision again this year? Well, we only need to wait and find out.

You can find the San Remo performance of “Due Vite” right here: 


The San Remo 2023 top 5 were:

  1. Marco Mengoni – “Due Vite”
  2. Lazza – Cenere
  3. Mr. Rain – Supereroi
  4. Ultimo – Alba
  5. Tananai – Tango



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