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Liverpool live: a somersault, pink clothes and intimate performances

photo credits: EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett/Corinne Cummings


Today’s rehearsals start with Israel. When the performance begins, Noa is in a huge lightbox. There is also a lot of strobe lightning on stage. The vife dancers around her all wear black and white with a pink touch. So does Noa. During the show there is a lot of movement and dancing. Helped by the dancers Noa even makes a somersault! The show ends with a lot of fireworks.


Azerbaijan, in other years the country of the extravert staging, decided to keep it more intimate. It’s just the twins with matching suits, one in green and one in purple. They are standing on a heart on stage. They have their guitars with them. That’s how the two perform their songs.



After this Chzechia follows. The girls are all wearing the same pink pantsuits. They will perform a dance routine. The background is also pink, but changes into black with the text “We’re not your dolls”, hands and faces. The girls all have very long braids.

The Netherlands

And than we see the Netherlands. Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper have matching clothes, black with white pinstripes: Dion has a sleeveless vest and Mia wears a top with silver and a jacket over it. The performance is very intimate: on a small stage they are moving around eachother. They are surrounded by smoke. “It’s a complex camera set-up that makes the whole performance feel really intimate”, adds. 

In collaboration with Eurovision Artists


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