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Lithuania: semifinal results are in!

In Lithuania, the semifinal results are in. Out of 10 songs, the best five will head to the final within two weeks. Next week, we will see the second semifinal.

Here are the full results:

  1. Rūta Mur sings “So low”, 20 pts.
  2. Petunija sings “Love of my life”, 19 pts.
  3. Il senso sings “Sparnai”, 17 pts.
  4. Gabrielus Vagelis sings “Sauksmas”, 15 pts.
  5. Justė Kraujelytė sings “Need more fun”, 11 pts.
  6. Alen Chicco sings “Do you”, 8 pts.
  7. Joseph June sings “Vacuum”, 7 pts.
  8. Noy sings “Destiny’s child”, 6 pts.
  9. Donata sings “Dreamer”, 6 pts.
  10. Baiba sings “When the lights go out”, 5 pts.

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