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It’s Theodor Andrei for Romania

Theodor Andrei will represent Romania. “D.G.T. (Off and on) is chosen out of 12 songs. The song is written and composed by Luca De Mezzo, Luca Udățeanu, Theodor Andrei and Xjahed.

The rull results are:

  1. Theodor Andrei, “D.G.T. (Off and on), 5.230 pts
  2. Andreea D Folclor Orchestra, “Periniţa mea”, 4.845 pts.
  3. Andrei Duţu, “Statues”, 4.302
  4. Aledaida, “Bla bla bla”, 4.250
  5. Amia, “Puppet”, 4.232 pts.
  6. Steven Roho, Gabriela Lazar & Formaţia Albatros, “Lele”, 2.857 pts.
  7. Maryliss, “Hai vino”, 2.471 pts.
  8. Jaxman, “Bad & cool”, 2.459 pts.
  9. Deiona, “Call on me”, 1.878 pts.
  10. Andrada Popa, “No time for me” 1.606 pts.
  11. Ocean Drive, “Take me home” 1.469 pts.
  12. Adriana Moraru, “Faraleis” 925 pts.





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