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Estonia: Eesti Laul, 1st semifinal

Tonight is the night: Eesti Laul will have it’s first semifinal. Out of 10 songs, 6 will be chosen to go to the final: four of them by a 50/50 jury-televoting. After that, two more songs will be chosen by televoting only.

The show will be aired on ETV at 21:20 CET and you can watch it here. The contestants are:

  1. “House of glass”, sung by Janek
  2. “Pretty girl”, sung by Ellip
  3. “Valik”, sung by Kaw
  4. “Unicorn vibes”, sung by Merlyn
  5. “Üks samm korraga”, sung by Mia
  6. “Tokimeki”, sung by Neon Letters & Maiko
  7. “Venom”, sung by Ollie
  8. “Why do you love me”, sung by Andreas
  9. “Monsters”, sung by The Bedwetters
  10. “You need to move on”, sung by Anett & Fredi


Mia took part in the semifinal of Eesti Laul 2012
Joosep Järvesaar (The Bedwetters) took part in 2016 as a member of the band Cartoon. They became 3rd.
Karl-Kristjan Kingi (The Bedwetters) took part in 2017 (4th) and 2018 (5th)
Annett & Fredi took part in 2020 and became 3rd.


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