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Estonia: 2nd semifinal Eesti Laul

Tonight is the night: Eesti Laul will have it’s second semifinal. Out of 10 songs, 5 will be chosen to go to the final: four of them by a 50/50 jury-televoting. After that, one more song will be chosen by televoting only.

The show will be aired on ETV at 18:30 CET and you can watch it here. The contestants are:

  1. Inger sings “Awaiting you”
  2. Linalakk, Bonzo sing “Aeg”
  3. Meelik sings “Tuju”
  4. Elysa sings “Bad philosophy”
  5. Robin Juhkentahl sings “Kurbuse matused”
  6. M els sings “So good (at what you do)”
  7. WIIRALT sings “Salaliik”
  8. Sissi sings “Lighthouse”
  9. Carlos Ukareda sings “Whiskey won’t forget”
  10. Alika sings “Bridges”

Inger became 6th in Eesti Laul in 2019 and 8th in 2020.
Meelik was a member of Tenfold Rabbit, who took part in 2012 (3rd) and 2013 (semifinal)
Elysa was 3rd in Eesti Laul last year.
Robin Juhkentahl won in 2010 as a member of Malcolm Lincoln and represented Estonia in the ESC with “Siren”. Malcolm Lincoln also took part in the 2012 semifinal. In 2015, Robin and his band The Big Bangers became 6th. 
WIIRALT took part in 2012 (semifinal) and 2022 (quarter final).
Sissi was present in 2019 (4th) and 2021 (2nd).


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