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The Rasmus represents Finland

Famous band The Rasmus is chosen to represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. The song “Jezebel” is written by Lauri Ylönen and the famous American composer Desmond Child. Finland will perform in the first half of the second semifinal. The full results are:

  1. The Rasmus, Jezebel, 310 pts.
  2. Cyan Kicks, “Hurricane”, 221 pts.
  3. Bess, “Ram pam pam”, 204 pts.
  4. Isaac Sene, “Kuuma jäbä”, 127 pts.
  5. Olivera, “Thank God I’m an atheist”, 121 pts.
  6. Young Hearted, “Sun numero”, 91 pts.
  7. Tommi Läntinen, “Elämä kantaa mua”, 56 pts.




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