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Slovenia: EMA semifinal 2 (UPDATE)

Two semifinals and a final, that’s what Slovenia’s EMA will be up to. In each semifinal, three songs will be chosen by televoting, three by an expert jury. Tonight, at 20.20 CET, the second semifinal starts. You can watch it here.  These are the competing songs and artists: 

  1. Mia Guček, “Independiente”
  2. Gušti feat. Leyre, “Nova romantika”
  3. Klara Jazbec, “Vse kar imam”
  4. Vedran Ljubenko, “H2O dieta”
  5. Leya Leanne, “Naked”
  6. LPS, “Disko”
  7. Anabel, “Tendency”
  8. BQL, “Miaj”
  9. Hauptman, “Sledim”
  10. Eva Moškon, “Kliki”

The winners are in bold letters.

Klara Jazbec took part in the 2020 EMA-final.
Anabel stranded in the 2018 semifnial.
BQL became 2nd in 2017 and in 2018.


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