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It’s Sheldon Riley for Australia

Sheldon Riley has won the Australian national final “Australia, You decide”. Sheldon will represent Australia with the song “Not the same” written and composed by himself with Cam Nacson and Timi Temple. Australia will perform in the first half of the second semifinal. The full result of the contest is:


  1. Sheldon Riley, “Not the same”, 100 pts.
  2. Voyager, “Dreamer”, 97 pts.
  3. Jaguar Jonze, “Little fires”, 91 pts.
  4. Charley, “I suck at being alone”, 63 pts.
  5. G-Nation, “Bite me”, 56 pts.
  6. Paulini, “We are one”, 52 pts.
  7. Andrew Lambrou, “Electrify”, 51 pts.
  8. Jude York, “I won’t need a dream”, 47 pts.
  9. Isaiah Firebrace & Evie Irie, “When I’m with you”, 45 pts.
  10. Erica Padilla, “To the bottom”, 45 pts.
  11. Seann Miley Moore, “My body”, 23 pts.



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