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photo: Cinecittà, Rome, Eurovision 1991


History repeats… exactly what we saw in the Netherlands two years ago, happens in Italy now. Every single city in the country sees chances to host the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. For The Netherlands we all know that it ended up in Rotterdam, but where in Italy will we go to.

Of course Rome is in the race! What else did you expect? However, two years ago, even before the Netherlands won the contest, the mayor of Amsterdam announced that she wanted Eurovision in her city. And we all know how thát ended.

San Remo is the city of the famous Festival Di Sanremo. In fact, the festival is the mother of Eurovision; the contest is modelled after the Festival Di Sanremo.

But also Naples, Florence, Milan, Turin, Bologna and Rimini are seriously considering to host the contest. Reggio Emilia and Verona are also in the race. 

This will be the third time Italy hosts the Eurovision Song Contest. Although you can’t compare the contest in 1965 or 1991 with the current Eurovision Song Contest, it is not bad to have a look back.

In 1965 it was even possible to have the contest in a studio: the auditorium of the RAI in Naples. In 1965 it was a brand new space with no less than 1.000 seats.

In 1991 the Palafiori Di San Remo in the city of San Remo was supposed to be the venue. However, when the Gulf War broke out the RAI and the EBU decided that safety was not guaranteed good enough in San Remo. The contest moved to Rome, where the Cinecittà studios became the venue. These studios were famous for the recording of films like “Ben Hur” and “Once upon a time in the west”.


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