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Press conference Hosts Eurovision

Today we followed the press conference of Edsilia, Nikkie, Jan and Chantal, the hosts of this years Eurovision Song Contest.

After last night’s first live show, the quartet was highly praised. They themselves experienced, especially the opening as emotional and wonderful: “When the doors opened, (and we had rehearsed it so many times), there was suddenly the real audience, the applause. It was fantastic. “ The four presenters with completely different backgrounds tell that each with their own talent completes the total picture of the qualities of the quartet.

As Nikkie says: “When I need a moment of reassurance, I look at Jan, he has no nerves, Chantal teaches me: This is our house, with our rules, WE do this, and when I need the laugh of the day, then I look at Edsilia. ” She also says that in every dress she wears, the colors of the rain bloom flag have been incorporated, as an expression of support to the LGBTQI+ community.

Jan told us that he was somewhat insecure in terms of language. He is used to speaking in Dutch and German, English is a bit more difficult for him. Often he wants to be too quick not to be left behind. He realizes that he must maintain his calm and his own pace in this, so as not to stumble over his own words. When asked whether he would like to participate again as an artist in the Festival, he replies in the negative: “I once had that ambition, but I left a number of years behind me. The Eurovision Song Contest is for young people, and I think I’m too old now ”

To our question to Edsilla: You participated twice as an artist (she participated at eurovision in 1998 and 2007). What’s more exciting: Participate as a host, or as a singer? she replied: “My heart is with the artists. When I see them backstage I know how they feel. In my heart I am a singer, but this, I have never done anything as big as this, is really great ”

Chantal picked up the moments with technical problems during the jury rehearsal and live show flawlessly. As a presenter of various live shows, she did not panic, but made the best of it. She confirms that she is the right person to handle these kinds of moments. She jokes: “In addition to “In de maneschijn ”I have rehearsed 80 songs for moments like this”

The quartet comes across as relaxed and relaxed, and they look forward to the next live shows… Just like us.


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