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© Nationaal archief, Den Haag

Group members:Sandra Reemer
Mac Sell
Paul Vink
Ton op ‘t Hof
Ferdy Lancée
Okkie Huijsdens
National Finals:Nationaal Songfestival 1979
ESC Entries:Colorado (1979)


Officially, Xandra was a group built up around Sandra Reemer, whose real name is in fact Xandra. She was accompanied by four studio musicians. However, it was not the group but Sandra herself who came into the spotlights. As a group, Xandra was only active around the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest. As a solo singer, Sandra Reemer performed with her real name Xandra after the Eurovision Song Contest, especially in the Scandinavian countries. For more information about Sandra Reemer, you will find it here.
Mac Sell was a member of the band Swinging Soul Machine, who had their greatest hit with the song “Spooky’s day off”. The band worked with Percy Sledge,  The Tramps and even as a supporting act for James Brown.
Paul Vink played the synthesizer, also in the Swinging Soul Machine and several other bands.
Ton op ‘t Hof is a drummer. He played in the bands Heart, Limousine and the Rainbow Train. Nowadays he is a record producer in Hilversum.
We saw Ferdy Lancee as a solo singer making a few records. “Als ze lacht” became a hit in The Netherlands. Later he joined V.O.F. de Kunst (The Art Company) and had an international hit with “Susanna”.
Okkie Huijsdens also played in Limousine and the Rainbow Train. He also made a lot of jingles. He had the role of Paul McCartney in the Stars on 45-project. Huijsdens passed away on 6 september 2014.


Country:The Netherlands
Lyrics:Gerard Cox
Composer(s):Ferdi Bolland
Rob Bolland
Conductor:Harry van Hoof
Running order:14