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Tomas N’Evergreen


Quick Facts

Tomas Christiansen

12 November 1969

🇩🇰 Danish
🇷🇺 Russian

National Selection
Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2010
Evrovidenie 2009 (Russia)

In Eurovision
2010 Oslo

In A Moment Like This (with Chanée, 2010)


Tomas N’evergreen (born Tomas Christiansen on November 12, 1969, in Hadsten) is a Danish pop singer and songwriter. He is best known for winning the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in 2010 with the song “In a Moment Like This,” a duet with the singer Chanée. The song placed fourth at the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo.

Tomas has been successful in Eastern Europe, especially in Russia. He has had #1 hits and many other top 10 songs with tracks like “Since You’ve Been Gone” and “Everytime (I See Your Smile)” from his debut album “Since You’ve Been Gone” in 2007. The album sold more than 250,000 copies in Russia.

He lived in Moscow, and in 2009 he competed in the Russian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “One More Try.” He reached an 11th place.

In 2010, Tomas teamed up with Christina Chanée to take part in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, the national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. They won with “In A Moment Like This” and became 4th in the Grand Final. More than a year later, in November 2011, Tomas teamed up with Kristina Orbakaite to sing “Tayna Bez Tayn”. It lead him to performing in front of the president of Kazahstan.

In the years from 2010, Tomas performed a lot for the Russian TV-channel MuzTV. It brought him in Kazahstan for a 2nd time in 2015. He collaborated with the Kazakh artists A-Studio in that year. He also was nominated for a Muz-TV Award for best song in a strang language  in 2015.

In 2016, Tomas released a new single, “Pick up the phone”. In 2019 he got the chance to perform in Baku at Zharafest. In September of the same year he was able to perform in Yerevan. In September 2021 a single came out: “We go back”. The song hit the Danish charts. Meanwhile, he also played a role in a Russian tv-series. On New Years Eve 2022/2023 he performed at a concert in Dubai. In July 2023 his new single “I play for you” was released.

In 2024, Chanée and N’Evergreen performed in the Euroclub in Malmö during the Eurovision week.


In A Moment Like This (& Chanée)

🇩🇰 Denmark



Thomas G:son
Henrik Sethsson
Erik Bernholm

Thomas G:son
Henrik Sethsson
Erik Bernholm

Gry Trampedach Jørgensen
Anne Murillo
Jaana Vähämäki
Mads Enggård Jørgensen

Results Semi

Points: 101
Position: 5
Running order: 4

Results Finals

Points: 149
Position: 4
Running order: 25