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Tijana Dapčević


Quick Facts

Tijana Dapčević

03 February 1976

🇲🇰 North Macedonian

National Selection
Beovizija 2023
Beovizija 2022
Internal selection 2014
Nacionalen Evrosong 2005
Skopje Fest 2002
Skopje Fest 1996

In Eurovision
2014 Copenhagen

To The Sky (2014)


Tijana Dapčević, born Todevska in Skopje on February 3, 1976, is a pop singer and cello professor of Macedonian-Serbian heritage. In 1999, Tijana graduated from the Faculty of Music Arts in Skopje.

Tijana’s musical journey has been marked by numerous festival appearances. Her early career started in the mid-90s with performances at Makfest in Štip, where she sang “Ostavi me” in 1995 and “Za tebe živeam” in 1996. She performed at the Sunčane Skale in Herceg Novi, singing “Stepski vuk” in 2001. The next year was a turning point for her when she became the winner of the festival in Herceg Novi with the song “Izgrev”.

Her successful trajectory continued, securing the 3rd place at the Budva festival in 2004 with the song “Ne daj” and winning the festival in Budva in 2005 with the song “Sve je isto samo njega nema”. In 2006, she made a mark at the Beovizija with the song “Grekh” and also won the radio festival with the song “Julijana”.

Tijana’s career further soared in the following years. She clinched the 2nd place at the Vrnjačka Banja festival in 2007 with the song “Plamen stare ljubavi”. She sang the Song of the Mediterranean in Budva in 2008 with “Pogrešan čovek” and in 2014, she became the winner of the Spring in Belgrade festival with the group Vocal 5, performing the song “Kišobran”.

She represented Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest  in 2014 with the song “To the sky”. She also graced the Children’s Belgrade Spring and Evergreen festivals in 2019 with the songs “Guske i pljuske” and “Glavo luda” respectively.

In the recent years, she participated in the Serbian final for the Eurovision Song Contest twice with the songs “Ljubi, ljubi doveka” in 2022 and “Mamim” in 2023. In the same year, she performed at the Children’s Belgrade Spring festival with the song “Da brinemo o vodi”.

Over her music career, Tijana has released several albums, starting with “Kao da…” in 2001, followed by “Negativ” in 2002, “Zemlja mojih snova” in 2004, “Žuta minuta” in 2007, and “Muzika” in 2010.

In addition to singing, Tijana has also lent her voice to several dubbed animated films. In 2003, she worked on “SpongeBob SquarePants”, in 2014 on “Rio 2”, and in 2017 on “Coco”. She continued dubbing for “Tajne avanture mačaka”, “Hotel Transylvania 3: Odmor počinje”, and “Peter Rabbit” in 2018. More recently in 2022, she worked on “Red Panda” and the “Little Mermaid” movie from 2023.


To The Sky

🇲🇰 North Macedonia



Elena Risteska Ivanova
Darko Dimitrov

Darko Dimitrov
Lazar Cvetkoski

Dimitar Andonovski
Nikola Perevski
Tamara Todevska

Results Semi

Points: 33
Position: 13
Running order: 11

Results Finals

Points: –
Position: –
Running order: –