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Group Members:

Lucian Cioagă

Adrian Bortun

Georgică Pătrănoiu 

Georgiana Pană 

Dan Teodorescu

National Finals:

Selecţia Naţională 2000

ESC Entries:The moon (2000)


Taxi is a Romanian pop-rock band. The band was founded in 1999 and currently consists of Dan Teodorescu, Mugurel Coman, Kerezsi Csongor, Vicky Avanu, Carla Iliași, Sebastian Macovei and Alin Păun.

The band was founded on March 13, 1999, in Bucharest.

The band’s first hit song was “Criogenia salvează România”, which brought fans even among members of the Romanian political class. Also in 1999, the band released the debut album entitled “Jùmătate de album”.

Shortly after that, Andrei Bărbulescu left the band for a new member, the drummer Lucian Cioargă. In this new formula the group Taxi participated in the Eurovision contest in 2000 – with the song Luna -, obtaining the 17th place. 

In March 2000, the songs “Doi zero zero zero” and “Jumătatea mea” were released. These were then released on the album “Trag un klaxon”, released on July 21, 2000. Other hits followed, such as “Comunitaru'” – a song that referred to the stray dogs gathered in that period from the streets of Bucharest and later euthanized. In 2001, the album “Americanofonia” was released, which is also the title of a song about the abundance of American expressions entering the Romanian language. Social elements and irony can also be found in the band’s following albums: “De cursă lungă” (2002), “C” (2003) and “Politica” (2004).

The Politica album appeared during the 2004 election campaign, a satirical material containing the songs “Dumneavoastră”, “Noi cu cine votăm”, “Domnule Fost” and “Situația din Țară”.

In 2007, the album “Romantica” appeared, containing twelve love songs, with numerous collaborations. For the video of the song “Dragostea ca o pereche de pantofi”, the designer Mihai Albu specially created a unique pair of shoes, which also appear on the cover of the album. 

Since 2009, Taxi has also released other tracks such as “Probleme de memorie” – a song celebrating the band’s 10th anniversary.

The album “Cele două” (two words) was released in 2011. The song that gives the name of the album had a unique video, in which 26 famous men from Romania struggle with the difficulty of saying two words. “Cele două” was so successful that the song was translated into several languages, recorded and performed by artists from Moldova, Poland and even Sweden. Starting from this song, the project Those three words ( was born, through which anyone can record their own version of the song and then send it to the person they love.

In 2014, the album “15” was released, an album that marked the band’s 15 years of existence.

In 2019, 20 years after its founding, Taxi released the double album “20”.


Song:The moon
Lyrics:Dan Teodorescu
Composer(s):Dan Teodorescu
Running order:6

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