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Sandie Shaw

Name:Sandra Ann Goodrich
National Finals:A Song For Europe 1967
ESC Entries:Puppet on a string (1967)


Sandie Shaw is a British pop singer, born in Dagenham, Essex, England. When she won a local talent show and performed in a charity evening, she was discovered and Pye Records offered her a contract in 1964. Although her debut single was not a great success, she rose to fame with the second one, “Always something there to remind me”. This was followed by hits like “Girl don’t come”, “I’ll stop at nothing” and “Long live love”, all songs from her debut album. She recorded recorded six albums in the late 1960s only. However, in 1967 her record sales started to decline. BBC television invited her to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest. Out of five songs, “Puppet on a string” was chosen. It won Eurovision and became  Sandie Shaw’s biggest hit all over Europe. Her Eurovision success almost did not happen; the BBC wanted to drop her because she had been the “other woman” in a divorce case.
After the Eurovision Song Contest, Sandie concentrated on fashion, hosted her own tv-show and acted in a movie. 
The success faded away after this and in 1972, she decided to end her career as a singer. However, one year later she performed in a tv-show again and in 1977 she released two singles. In the 1980s, two members of British band The Smiths convinced her to continue her singing career. In 2007 she re-released “Puppet on a string”, because of her 60th birthday.


Country:United Kingdom
Artist:Sandie Shaw
Song:Puppet on a string
Lyrics:Bill Martin
Phil Coulter
Composer(s):Bill Martin
Phil Coulter
Conductor:Kenny Woodman
Backings:Marian Davies
Gloria George
Maggie Stredder
Running order:11