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Kristina Hautala

Name:Kristina Hautala
Born:28 june 1948
National Finals:Euroviisut 1968
ESC Entries:Kun kello käy (1968)


Kristina Hautala is a Swedish singer with Finnish roots. She was born in Stockholm. She made a career especially in Finland.
In 1966, she recorded her debut single “Koskaan”, the Finnish version of Dusty Springfield’s world hit “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me”.
Kristina became a star overnight and moved to Finland. She was one of the country’s most successful pop singers during the late 1960s. Alongside “Rakkautta vain” (Beatles song “All You Need Is Love”) and “Kuinkas hurisee”(Peggy Lee’s song “So What’s New”) were among her biggest hits. During the years 1966-1970 she released a total of about 20 singles. She represented Finland in the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Kun kello käy”. In 1970 she did a show a with Lasse Mårtenson. The collaboration also resulted in the album “Kristina & Lasse”. In the summer of 1967 she toured Finland with the Johnny Show.
After five intense years, she chose to leave the artist life behind and moved back to Stockholm. There she studied psychology, sociology and pedagogy and has since worked as a psychologist and art therapist.
In 2003 she made a comeback as a singer with a new album.



Artist:Kristina Hautala
Song:Kun kello käy
Lyrics:Juha Vainio
Composer(s):Esko Linnavalli
Conductor:Ossi Runne
Running order:9