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Nadine Beiler


Quick Facts

Nadine Beiler

27 May 1990

🇦🇹 Austria

National Selection
Guten Morgen Düsseldorf

In Eurovision
2011 Düsseldorf

The Secret Is Love (2011)


Nadine Beiler is an Austrian singer.She was born on May 27, 1990, in Innsbruck. 

Raised in Inzing, Tyrol, Beiler’s upbringing was nurtured by her doctor father and masseuse mother. Along with her sister Denise, she attended a musically inclined high school in Innsbruck, where she earned her Matura. Balancing academics and her passion for music, she often performed at local festivals and weddings.

Beiler’s career took off in the summer of 2006 when she joined the first round of auditions for Starmania in Tyrol, emerging as the youngest contender to make it into the show. Her crowning moment came on January 26, 2007, when she won the final round, securing 68% of the votes against her competitors, Thomas Neuwirth and Gernot Pachernigg.

The same year saw the release of her first two singles, followed by a tour that concluded with an unplugged concert in Vienna in the fall. Post her television success, she completed her high school education and commenced law studies in Innsbruck in October 2010.

Nominated for Austria’s Eurovision 2011 selection, Beiler put her studies on hold, advancing to the final round and ultimately performing her song “The Secret Is Love” at the contest, where she placed 18th on May 14, 2011.

Between 2012 and 2014, Beiler participated in the Wok World Championships, with a guest performance of her Eurovision song at the 9th championship in 2011. Her stage presence continued in 2015, playing Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar at Vienna’s Raimund Theater.

In 2016, Beiler collaborated with Markus Steiner on the song “Let Them Fly,” presented as the official song of the Ski Flying World Championships at Kulm. This track also topped the Austrian airplay charts.

Her versatility shone through in 2020 when she won the inaugural season of The Masked Singer Austria, disguised as the character Yeti.

In February 2021, she released a new single: “Love is…”. In 2022 she released a special wedding song called “Liebe meines Leben”. In January 2023, her first self released song came out: “The Wish”. She performed with the band Arg in the summer of 2023. Together with her husband Paul Madersbacher, she sang “Tirol, dem Himmel so nah”, a collaboration with Musikkapelle Völs.


The Secret Is Love

🇦🇹 Austria



Nadine Beiler

Thomas Rabitsch

Anne Semper
Renee Benson
Maria Rerych
Juliane Janoska
Karin Ziegelwanger

Results Semi

Points: 69
Position: 7
Running order: 2

Results Finals

Points: 64
Position: 18
Running order: 18