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Karoline Krüger

Name:Karoline Krüger
National Finals:Norsk Melodi Grand Prix 1988
ESC Entries:For vår jord


Karoline Krüger is a Norwegian singer and composer. At age 11 she debuted with a self-composed song in the show “Halvsju”. From 1986 she was part of the singing program “Syng med oss” Her international breakthrough came when she represented Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988. She came 5th with the song “For vår jord”. Later that year, she released her debut album, “Fasetter”. The movie song “You Call It Love” sold over 300,000 copies in France that year. After six solo albums, she has moved from the pop genre to the theater from the 2000s, both as a singer and actor, and as a composer. She was involved in performances such as Peer Gynt – Verdensborger, De To Stemmer and many others.The music of De To Stemmer and Labyrinter! were nominated for the Spellemannprisen respectively in 2004 in for shows and Spellemannprisen 2018 for children’s music.
In recent years she also won prizes as a composer. The church musical trilogy Jakobmesse, with lyrics by Erik Hillestad, has so far been performed in several Nordic countries. From 20142016 had she has a leading role in the production of the Hellemyrsfolket at the National Scene in the city of Bergen. Karoline has released ten solo and duet albums and has contributed to dozens of others as composer or singer. The Karolineprisen is named after Karoline Krüger. The award is given every year to high school students who combine good school results with top achievements in sports, arts and culture. Karoline Krüger is married to artist Sigvart Dagsland, and the couple has two daughters.


Artist:Karoline Krüger
Song:For vår jord
Lyrics:Erik Hillestad
Composer(s):Anita Skorgan
Conductor:Arild Stav
Backings:Kjetil Berkestrand
Sigvart Dagsland
Tor Endresen
Kari Iveland
Elisabeth Moberg
Running order:15